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How does it work?

The plan is simple. On one side there is you, a product/service owner who needs to provide the best effort to make your customers happy. Then again, there are your customers who also want the best service. So you have that in common and the question remains, how to achieve that?

With HeadInvite you can get significantly closer to that goal. Today, good timing means everything and can be a crucial factor in customer satisfactory, deciding wether you will or will not get even more clients. They want to know your schedule so that both of you can agree on the time that suits both sides. HeadInvite gives you a versatile Calendar where your clients can see when you have free space and they have an opportunity to make a reservation. (And you would like that, wouldn't you?)

HeadInvite is fully customizable... Don't want your clients to see all the nitty details in the calendar? You have an option to show your clients only timeslots which are free. You can also choose whether everyone on the Internet will be able to see your calendar and make reservations or just the ones you provide with a password.

Read more about it in the features section.

See how an example Calendar looks like (reservations are disabled for obvious reasons) Example Calendar

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Proof of concept

1. Without HeadInvite

For the purpose of this example let's take it you have guests who want to come to dinner at your restaurant. They all agree on one time that suits everybody, then one of them does the call. You say that, unfortunately there are no available seats at that time. Then all of them go through discussions again and again, asking when would it be the best time to go. It is not rare that the group just chooses another restaurant instead...

With the help of HeadInvite, your guests will see which times are available and make a reservation. You will only have one click to accept their reservation and that's it.

2. With HeadInvite

Give HeadInvite a try and don't let your customers and potential clients go away.

Calendar overview

Calendar overview

Creating events

Creating events & setting date/time

Updating events

Admin updating existing event

Monthly overview

Events monthly overview

Daily overview

Events daily overview


Administrator's dashboard


Random guest making a reservation in calendar


Admin chose not to display event details to guests


Admin's options for reservations: confirming, deleting & updating


Guest needs to enter a password to view the calendar


Admin dashboard payments overview


Realtime overview of available locations

Try it for free, no risk, no obligations...

You are welcomed to try HeadInvite for free the first month. In case it brings you new customers and increases their satisfactory with your services we encourage you to continue using HeadInvite on monthly subscription basis. If, for any reason you don't like it, you can stop using it anytime.

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What happens when trial runs out?

By then, you should be convinced that HeadInvite is good for your business and in that case, we offer a subscription based service.

You know the best when you will be needing HeadInvite and for how long, so we offer you a great deal. You pay only for times you will be using HeadInvite.

The price starts at $0.3/day and the choice is up to you to decide how many days you are going to take. For instance, if you wish to run HeadInvite for a month, that will be 30x0.3=9 $.

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Unlimited number of calendars
You have any number of calendars at your disposal. They can be added/removed from your dashboard.
Who would need this?
For instance if you have three rooms to rent, you can assign one calendar for each one.
If you are a counseling agency displaying when your people are available, each of them could have its own calendar.
Clients making reservations
Anybody (allowed by you) can take a look at the calendar and see which time slots are available. Clients then make a reservation when it best suits them.
You as an owner need to confirm or dismiss the client's request of which you will be notified by email. Clients are also notified by email of your decision
Show your clients what they need to see
There are occasions when you want your clients to see the event names in calendar, e.g. when displaying a timetable for a music festival.
Sometimes you will want to hide this information and only "Occupied" will be displayed for a certain time slot.
Public and private calendars
Some calendars you'll wish everybody can see. Some, you will want to show only to a certain group of people.
In case the calendar is made private, guests will need to enter a password which you will set in order to see the calendar or make a reservation(you choose the privacy level)
Repeating events
You can make a certain event repeatable, so it will automatically be shown in Calendar at certain intervals. For example an event occurring every day or every first day in a week.
Realtime view of free locations
There is a view of free locations at your disposal.
Let your clients see the realtime view of occupied and free locations in a nicely done graphical way.
Fulltime support
For any questions, assistance or any kind of help, you will be contacted as soon as possible.
Free trial period
Request the free trial period right now. It costs nothing and you will see how much more users you attract.
If you are happy with the service, continue using it on monthly subscription basis. If not... oh well, you didn't spend a cent :)